Mountain View Mobile Home Ordinance (MVMHO)

What is the Mountain View Mobile Home Ordinance?

The Mountain View Mobile Home Park Ordinance (MVMHO) is legislation designed to protect Mountain View’s six mobile home parks. It addresses the unique challenges of mobile home owners and renters such as steep rent increases, selling your mobile home for a fair price, having the right to rent your mobile home to other people, and fear of being forced out so your park can be turned into luxury condos.

What will the Ordinance do?

Control Rising Rents

  • Stabilizes rents for current and future owners and renters of mobile homes
  • Keeps rent increases in line with Social Security to not harm those on fixed incomes
  • Allows people to stay in their homes

Protect Home Values

  • Adds vacancy control to keep space rents from rising to levels that will decrease equity for mobile homeowners, and make it hard or impossible to sell them.

Prevent Re-Development

  • Lets the residents buy the park
  • Stops developers from bulldozing our communities

Give Us A Voice in Our Future

  • Lets the Residents help guide community decisions
  • Provides a governance model to manage the ordinance, establish allowable rent increases, establish rules, and resolve disputes

How do we know it’s possible?

San Jose has already done it. Along with 81 other cities and 9 counties in California, San Jose has a Rent Stabilization Ordinance that protects its Mobile Home residents and we can too.

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