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Subject: Mobile homes should be covered under the CSFRA

Hello City Officials,

The RHC is being negligent in its legal requirement to include Mobile Homes under the voter-initiated law. I am being damaged by this committee and demand the city government take action to fairly protect my household under the law. Failure to act shows that the RHC and City Council of Mountain View are complacent in causing me direct harm as a member of the manufactured home community and as a taxpayer.

Subject: My disappointment with your actions regarding the mobile homes

Dear RHC Committee:

I live in a Mobile Home.  I am writing to express my disappointment with your actions regarding the mobile home issue under the CSFRA.  You have ignored the recommendations of the appointed legal council. You have dismissed residents’ requests to meet with you to provide detail and clarity on this very important issue. You are ignoring us and you are ignoring legal council. Why?

I urge you to vote yes to include mobile homes under the CSFRA. By doing so, you will preserve a neighborhood, and most importantly, you will bring justice to the City of Mountain View. Our very lives depend on it.

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