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Three years ago, the affordable housing crisis hit Mountain View’s mobile home residents. Rents rose precipitously for the city’s tenants, and a ballot measure implementing rent control was passed in November of 2016 to protect Mountain View’s tenants.

But that measure did not help mobile home residents, who were affected as much or more than the City’s tenants. In 2015, mobile home space rents rose between 5 and 10% at Santiago Villa and Sahara Village, two of Mountain View’s most visible parks.

At the same time, the manager of those parks raised space rent between 50 and 100% for new mobile home owners, making it difficult for residents to sell their homes. Park management then purchased homes at low prices from residents who had to leave but had no other options. Then park managers take advantage of the problems they created by replacing the affected homes and renting them at market rates. For Santiago Villa, those rents peaked at $4500 per month.

Most mobile homeowners have invested heavily in their homes, but their equity declines $10,000 for every $100 rise in space rent. For some of the older homes, that meant some residents may be left with no equity at all.

The Mountain View Mobile Home Alliance was created to protect the City’s 1,130 mobile homeowners and tenants in six different parks. Join us in our efforts in our fight to protect Mountain View’s mobile homeowners from being the primary victims of an out-of-control housing crisis.

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