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Mobile home owners have unique interests and concerns often misunderstood and even ignored by local government.

The residents of Mountain View’s six mobile home parks are joining forces to change that, to make sure we have a voice at City Hall, and to protect the equity in our homes.

There is strength in numbers. Secure your rights as homeowners. Take our poll and sign up for our newsletter.

Mountain View Mobile Communities

Households living in Parks


Are seniors


Are now protected from Space Rent gouging

Help us fight for results

We fought to have rent stabilzation

The RHC failed to do its job. They ignored the advice of their own attorneys and invited Mobile Home Residents to sue. The three anti-stabilization committee members are intentionally driving up the costs of Measure V instead of acting legally and ethically.

Holding our City Officials accountable

City Council appointed the Rental Housing Committee. Council members are complicit in allowing this committee to drive up costs. Council member Margaret Abe-Koga actively spread misinformation about the finances of the program in a video used as fodder for “Measure V too Costly”, a landlord special interest group trying to amend/repeal Measure V.  Don’t be fooled. Hold our officials accountable with your vote.

Home resale values are still at risk

During a sale, the lease terms are rewritten and space rent is increased. Every $100 increase in space rent at the time of transfer decreases the equity of a home by $10k.1This also limits the pool of buyers that can qualify to buy a mobile home in Mountain View.

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There is strength in numbers

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